Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Tis the Season for Ten Frugal ways to Save Energy

A list of the Top Ten things that I have done this Fall to help reduce heating costs:

10. Installed programmable thermostat
9. Built attic insulation box for pull-down attic stairs

8. Blocked attic turbine vents
7. Placed draft blockers at threshold of exterior doors
6. Closed doors and heating vents to rooms not frequently used. This is only beneficial when there are no return air vents in the blocked off rooms. Otherwise the cold air in the room will be returning to the furnace causing it to work more to heat this colder air.
5. Added down comforter to bed and programmed thermostat to drop eight degrees lower at night
4. Placed space heater in computer room. If you spend most of your time in one room, it can be economical to use an electric space heater to increase the warmth in that room only instead of heating up the whole house.
3. Dress warmly, wear slippers, fleece, wool and/or poly-p which are excellent insulators
2. Take the dog for a walk. Even a short walk around the block will get the blood flowing to your extremities.
And finally the #1 way to feel warmer
1. Sip alcoholic beverages. Creates a sensation of warmth and well-being. Use at your own discretion.

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