Monday, December 31, 2007

Make this Frugal activity part of your Life

Need a New Year's resolution that you can keep? How about walking? Walking is one of the most frugal activities you will ever find. It's free and the benefits to your health are priceless. No special clothes or gear are required. It's convenient and can be done just about anywhere. Best of all walking can be done at your own pace.

I walk everyday. I don’t consider it a work out, just a walk. It feels right. The human body was designed for walking. The natural locomotion puts me at ease, slows down the world and releases stress. Walking is a great time to put your problems at the back of your mind and let it churn on them for awhile, subconsciously. Many times, while walking, I have thought of new ways to tackle a problem.

When walking, you can’t help but become more aware of your surroundings: fresh air, scenery, neighbor interaction, the changing sky, the weather, the wind in the trees. I prefer to walk with my dog and he appreciates these things even more than I. It's rewarding just to see him have the time of his life, raising his nose to catch a scent, investigating a clump of grass and taking note of everything in his path. It’s like a kid in a candy store and really amazing how much energy he generates just walking. It’s his lifeblood.

I usually walk in the evening after work. I use that time to reflect on the day and try to think of a few things that happened during day that were good or that I can be thankful for. It’s easy to take our lives for granted. We are very fortunate compared to most people on this planet and its important to recognize these things on a regular basis. By doing this little exercise, you will quickly realize how many good things that you have in your life.

Some days I am thankful for the nice cup of coffee that I had that morning, or a conversation that I shared with someone, or the enthusiastic greeting that my dog delivered when I arrived home. These are small things that I have learned to appreciate and many times that’s all it takes to make a day better.


  1. Walking seems to be an integration between Health and Richness.

    Unique indeed. But yet interesting post to share.

    Thanks Kris!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have been walking daily for over a year and am really surprised at how much enjoyment I get out of it.