Saturday, September 12, 2009

Calling Out the lies! Health insurance is available for those with pre-existing conditions

News Flash! If you have a pre-existing condition that precludes you from getting insurance from a private insurer, you are eligible to become part of the Texas Health Insurance Pool. The pool provides affordable health insurance to those who are denied coverage. And it's not some fly by night insurance outfit, it's with BlueCross and BlueShield.

How is it that this little program has been kept a secret from POTUS and his cadre of Dems who keep claiming that it's impossible to get insurance with a pre-existing condition? The state of Texas has been providing this safety net since 1998!

What? you don't live in Texas? Well, just come visit, after 30 days you can have insurance. Seriously, check it out.

How on earth did I discover this? It certainly is not widely known and there is no advertising in any media that I have ever seen. I learned about the pool through a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. He didn't have insurance because he would rather spend his money on a $300,000 house and a boat, a deer lease and a new Ford 4x4, etc ad nauseum. Consequently, he thought he had no choice, but to pay for ala cart cancer treatments which BTW are at a substantial discount when paid for with cash. Because of his limited available funds, he had to make choices as to which treatments were the most cost effective. Eventually, after several treatments, his doctor mentioned that he could be eligible and should apply for the health insurance pool. My friend survived the cancer and the pool has saved him a fortune, plus he kept all his toys.

So, it begs the question, why even buy health insurance when such a pool exists? Why not save your money or spend it on 4x4 trucks, and just wait until you actually might need insurance then apply for the health pool safety net? Think of all the neat stuff you could have with the cash saved from not paying insurance premiums!
Sure, that would be abusing the system, and it is predictable that the corrupting forces of socialism will continue to be a deleterious drag on human character, even in the overly proud state of Texas.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BIGGER GOVERNMENT = smaller people

By now, we have all heard plenty of reasons why people are against and/or for an increase in government's role in healthcare. But the reason that resonates most is the effect on the individual. This article gets to the core of the issue concerning the deleterious effects of excessive government on human character.

A summary of the five ways big government kills character:

1. People who are able to take care of themselves and do so are generally of better character than people who are able to take care of themselves but rely on others. Also known as pride.

2. The more people come to rely on government, the more they develop a sense of entitlement. Why work when there are handouts?

3. People develop disdain for work. Work is no longer considered a noble and worthy use of time.

4. People become preoccupied with vacation time.

5. People are rendered more selfish. Ever work at a can bank handing out food? The people that come in for free handouts are downright demanding.

As a result, Bigger government increases the number of angry, ungrateful, lazy, spoiled and self-centered individuals. Which is the same result that parents get when they never say "no" to their children!