Monday, December 10, 2007

Quote of the Week - The Will to Win is Worthless without the Will to Prepare

One of my all time favorite quotations. This maxim is applicable to so many aspects of everyday life. We all want to win, but the one who wants it the most will prepare. Whether its studying for an exam, practicing for a sporting event, preparing for a speech, or researching a new idea, the one who spends the time upfront will be the most likely to succeed. That individual may not be the most athletic or the most talented, but they will be ready to do their best.

Just saying that you want to win rings hollow, if you have not already practiced hard. Your team mates will see through this. While your own conscience will allow the self doubt to creep forward and erode your confidence. Before long even you will question whether you can succeed.

Similarly, in matters of personal finance, we all want stellar returns that beat the market. But who is willing to do the due diligence required for planning, researching, analyzing risk and maintaining their investments to improve their portfolio’s performance?

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