Friday, December 14, 2007

Smart Choices made easier with on-line product reviews

One of the best things about on-line shopping is the product reviews. They can be very helpful in narrowing down a large selection of similar items. For instance, how do you choose between the hundreds of different types of bar soap? I would prefer to buy the better quality soap, but how would you know without trying each type or finding a Consumer Report on everything you buy. So I am left with such discriminating factors as: Price, “what mom always bought” and catchy advertisements.

Now, with internet shopping those days of shopping blind are gone. If you are willing to try new products based on the reviews of others you may be surprised at how many great products are out there that just don’t have the shiny advertising to bring them to the front.

For example, I learned a valuable lesson about advertising and quality way back in high school chemistry class. I was truly amazed, at the time, that the most prolific, well-known brand of antacid did not perform nearly as well at neutralizing acid in a lab beaker as a much lesser known product. I wondered “How are we to know the best products without testing and reviews?” Now, I know of at least one way.

Just for fun I have listed some other benefits of internet shopping:

  • Shopping from home in my PJ’s
  • Comparison shopping across hundreds of stores
  • Variety, there’s an abundance of similar products to choose from
  • Free shipping offers with minimum purchase
  • On-line coupons are easy to search for and find
  • No taxes applied, if out of state
  • No hassle from sales associates
  • No waiting in line at the checkout
  • Shopping lists are remembered at the on-line site
  • Its delivered to my door

Any others?

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