Thursday, May 1, 2008

In Search of the Savings “rush”

When I find a product that works and I like it, I try to stock up on the item. You just never know when you will find something that good again. For example, I have a pair of Columbia sandals that are the best river running sandals I have ever owned and I don’t want to wear any other sandal or wet shoe in the water. So when I found another pair on sale at Sierratradingpost online, I pounced. Of course, I also found a pair of nylon river shorts that looked great. Both items were on sale and at a good price, but before I checked out, I cruised the net for a coupon. I tried three different sites and several coupon codes before I found one at for a whopping 20% off. Awesome.

Some may say that it was not cost effective to spend 10 minutes on the search, but that little boost of “feel good” that accompanies getting a discount on a product is precious. The savings amounted to $9.20.

1 comment:

  1. Saving money and getting a great deal certainly does feel good. One time I bought a product at a discount from Ebay for and $35 and then discovered that there was a corporate rebate for that same product for $50.00. I can still feel the high I felt from making money from buying a product I wanted.