Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go to Jail, get free Tax Rebate

This local news article brings up the point that prisoners are actually getting tax rebates. Who would have ever believed that? Evidently, a lot of these criminals owe money to their victims. The article states that “the unpaid balance is in the tens of millions”, yet the US government is providing stimulus checks to these convicts.

The good news in the story is that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said it would begin intercepting tax refund and rebate checks. Hopefully, other states will follow suit.

It just seems to me that another provision, excluding criminals, needs to be added to these type of rebate programs. As it is, only the “wealthy” as calculated by Congress are excluded. Something just doesn’t sound right about penalizing law-abiding, productive citizens while at the same time doling out checks to incarcerated murderers.


  1. yeah or taxpaying adults caught with two ounces of weed. THROW AWAY THE KEY!

  2. Unfortunately I too don't qualify for a stimulus check according to Govt calculations.

    It's annoying that a person who made only $3000 the prior year and paid no taxes gets something while full time workers like us don't.

  3. I agree soullfire - very annoying.