Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Week’s Edition of Money $aving Stories

This can be addictive. I have discovered that because I report back to this blog every week, I have a little more incentive to look for ways to save money. Another pleasant surprise is that I have found it’s much easier than I ever thought to find new and different ways to save.

This past week I drove my Toyota Tundra to Jiffy Lube for a safety inspection and oil change. I normally change the oil, but since I must go in for the inspection, I splurge and “let” them do it for me.

When I arrived the place was empty, no other cars. Highly unusual. I asked for the inspection first since that can be done in only one bay and typically has a line of cars waiting. The attendants wanted to do the oil change first. I relented, grabbed a seat in the waiting room and started reading the paper.

My truck was moved off and parked when they finished the oil change. Just then, another car pulls in for the safety inspection. Several minutes later, one of the guys asks if I also want the truck inspected. Argh! He then pulls it in line and waits. Finally the whole process is complete and the attendant wants to settle the bill, but he can’t find it on his computer/register. The manager must re-enter the data on another computer terminal.

While I wait some more, the attendant gets nervous and repeatedly says he’s sorry for the wait. Eventually he gets the data and relays the total amount of the bill to me. I decide to ask – can you give me a coupon/discount for the long wait? No problem. The manager immediately takes $10 bucks off the bill.

In the past, I seldom asked for a discount. It just isn’t something I like to do, but with a little practice, it is getting easier.

And lastly, one more savings was found at the local Walgreen’s. Thanks to My Money Blog
for tipping me off about the free ink refill coupon for printers. I dropped the cartridge off at lunch time and went back to pick it up the next day. The coupon claimed the service was a $10 value, but the last time I tried to buy a cartridge it was $26 plus tax. I will use the $10 figure assuming Walgreen’s will refill it again for that.

My total savings for the week $10 + $10 = $20

Be sure to tune in next week for more high adventure in Money $aving Stories....

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