Sunday, April 27, 2008

Secret to expediting your Netflix DVDs

Want to get your DVDs faster? Here’s an easy way to make sure your return DVDs are routed as quickly as possible through Netflix.

Make certain that the DVD jacket is placed in the return envelope with the bar code visible through the window slot in the envelope. It’s easy to get this turned upside down or whatever, but according to Netflix customer service this will help expedite your DVD.

If the barcode is visible, Netflix will be able to quickly scan the incoming DVD, credit your account with the return and initiate the process of sending out your next movie. If it is not visible, another step is required for Netflix to open the return envelope and then scan the DVD jacket.

One other tip, first thing upon receiving the DVD, open the envelope and verify the DVD is not scratched, cracked or damaged in any way. There is nothing more disappointing than sitting down to watch a movie and realizing that the DVD is unusable after taking it out of the jacket. Happy flick watching!

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