Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let’s Go Razooing!

That’s one of my all-time favorite phrases. You know you are in for some fun when you hear those words! Razooing may be a Texas country thing, so I will explain. Have you ever just gone out for a drive, usually in the country, and most of the time off road for no one reason other than to see what’s out there? That’s razooing. Most of the time they start with no particular destination in mind. Sometimes you end up at a fishing pond, to get a hook wet, while other times it may be the highest point around to enjoy the view or take in the sunset.

This week, as I wandered around the web on an internet razoo, I discovered a couple useful articles to share on this site.

This MSN money article, "20 ways to make $100 more a month", provides some good ideas for additional income streams. Everything from paper delivery, pooper scooper to editor. Here’s another one that I didn’t see in the article – pet walker/sitter. You may also notice that blogging is not on this list either. LOL

The article inspired me to think about what I will do in my early retirement. I won’t need to work but I suspect that I will want the social interaction and make a little income to continue to fund my Roth IRA. ;)

Another thought provoking article was stumbled upon over at Brip Blap. He goes on a rant about excessive TV watching. My take away from the post was to use my time wisely, because some things can not be undone. Instead of mindlessly watching sitcoms, find an educational show or do something to improve yourself or your surroundings. Challenge yourself. For instance, take a step up the culture ladder and read one of the classics, or just go for a leisurely walk. In other words, words that PF folks will understand, do something that will pay dividends.

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  1. Razooing is definitely a Texas country thing - I grew up in the Deep South (although we'd argue that's as far away from Texas as Illinois is, probably) and I never heard of it! We did just that, but we didn't have a name for it!

    Thanks for the mention, and you definitely hit the nail on the head and got the meaning of my post exactly!