Monday, January 14, 2008

Opt-out of Mail-order Catalogs to Save $ and the Planet!

Tired of receiving hundreds of catalogs that you don’t want? I feel terrible throwing away so much. Fortunately my city recycles, but still it is a waste. Some companies are relentless –sending one or more a week even though I never purchase anything from their mail-order catalog. I have wanted to opt-out for a long time, but it might take all day to call each catalog company to get my name removed from their mailing lists.

Now there is a website called Catalog Choice that can make it easier. On their website, you find and decline your unwanted catalogs using their search facilities. Then Catalog Choice contacts the catalog providers on your behalf, requesting that your name be removed from their mailing lists.

This service is free and is designed to benefit everyone – even the catalog companies!

  • You benefit by reducing mailbox clutter, and the amount of time you spend sifting through unwanted mail.
  • You also benefit by not being tempted to buy more stuff. You may actually save money by not having these catalogs around to tempt you with their products.
  • Your participation benefits merchants, lowering their cost of distribution and helping them better target their market.
  • Your participation promotes the use of best practices in the direct mailing industry
  • Your participation will collectively make a huge positive impact on our environment

Here are some facts from the website concerning the environmental impact of catalogs.
  • 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers annually

  • Number of trees used – 53 million trees

  • Pounds of paper used – 3.6 million tons of paper

  • Energy used to produce this volume of paper – 38 trillion BTUs, enough to power 1.2 million homes per year

Also, if for some reason you change your mind, you can revoke your request (on-line) and start receiving the catalog again.

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  1. Excellent resource - thank you. I'm still getting tons of crappy catalogs (Pottery Barn kids?) from the people who lived in this house before me.