Saturday, January 26, 2008

My beloved Supra has become a money pit

I don’t have any traditional debt. I own my house, my two cars and I pay off my credit card every month. I must be carefree and debt free, right?

Well, not exactly, I own a 1989 Toyota Supra that has become a money pit. The car does start - occasionally. Unfortunately, I do not trust it anymore and I don’t want to get stranded somewhere away from home, so it just sits in my driveway - looking great, by the way. It doesn’t move or provide any service to me, but it costs me money all of the time. I keep auto insurance on the car (liability-only at $486/year), state registration tags ($45), and now it needs an emissions test ($50). It’s a little money pit. Oh, by the way this is the first car I ever purchased and because I have had it since it was brand new in 1989, I am emotionally involved.

Because it’s so old and of little monetary value, I don’t want to take it to a repair shop. If I did, the shop would probably come back with an extensive repair bill and then I would be forced to make a decision. I already know what that decision must be – it’s time to let go of the car, its time to donate it.

So, instead it sits in my driveway and I tinker with it. I have replaced spark plugs ($10), and checked the ignition coil, distributor wiring, ignition switch, ignition relay, replaced battery terminals ($5); all of this while chasing this electrical problem. I am just about stumped.

So far, I have been using the excuse that by doing all this tinkering, I may actually gain some knowledge about auto ignition systems. I even joined a Supramania website where I can ask "Supra experts" questions to help me with the diagnosis. Only problem with that is they get a little tired of dealing with rookies like me. LOL

My debt reduction plan begins with writing this post in hope that once I re-read the saga and take note of the money that the car is burning through, I will be spurred into action!

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