Friday, January 25, 2008

Opt-out of Junk Mail and feel good about being green

My mailbox has been overflowing for years with fliers, coupons, and advertisements that I don’t want or need. I was recycling all of it, but then I decided to do something to try to reduce the amount of waste. Earlier, I posted about opting out of mail order catalogs and I figured there must be a way to do the same with junk mail. After a little research, I found several ways to help free up my mailbox.

According to postal regulations, all fliers must be accompanied by an address card or an address label and will likely be addressed to the “current resident” or “occupant”. This card/label will have information that will help you identify the company that is mailing out the fliers.

Here is the contact information for three of the major flier/coupon mailing companies:

ADVO, Inc. You can remove your name and address from ADVO three ways:

  • Call ADVO's Consumer Assistance line: (888) 241-6760
  • Send a letter to: ADVO, Inc. Customer Assistance P.O. Box 249 Windsor, CT 06095
  • Fill out and submit the form at ADVO's website

Val-Pak Savings Coupons:

Abacus, Inc.:
  • By e-mail: with “remove” in the subject line and name and address in the mail.

If you are receiving junk mail from companies not listed here then look online for information to contact the company directly to have your address removed from their list.

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