Monday, September 8, 2008

The Storm that is Sarah Palin

Wow!  How did this news get to such monumental status?  Yes, it is exciting.  I am inspired – I want to move to Alaska and become a mayor.  LOL  I am also completely amazed at the storm this has stirred up.

Some observations:

  • The media went after her aggressively because they were left standing flat-footed.  The press does not like surprises and Sarah Palin was a bolt from the blue to EVERYONE.  McCain wanted to steal the DNC convention thunder with a surprise announcement, and it worked but it also created this media attack attitude.  The press didn’t have any stories, nothing to report on her, because they had no clue.  They were left out and they hate that.
  • I never dreamed  the Republican party would have a woman on the Presidential ticket.  Ever.  And she would not be there if it weren’t for John McCain.  He is certainly a maverick and a reformer of the party for taking that risk.
  • Speaking of risk, Sarah Palin is taking a big risk - with a part of her life that many are uncomfortable risking - their families.  In this world, women are not seen as risk takers.  Some of her biggest critics are women.   They say she can’t do it – what they mean is they can’t do it.  This is way too risky for the average woman to even contemplate, meanwhile men seem to have little issue with it at all.
  • The VP job will seem like a vacation to the Palin family compared to the Governorship of Alaska.
  • Any time we are confronted with change, we do a little risk assessment.  I have to believe that she and her husband assessed the risk both to their family and the country and came to the conclusion that not running for VP posed an even greater risk to this country.  


  1. I think she sure is beginning to miss the comforts of her Governorship now. Her interviews are growing from questionable to downright embarrassing. I now see why she has been sheltered from the general press, but that only makes her interview gaffes all the more glaring. She does not seem to be able to handle impromptu questions that you would expect from someone in the VP and especially the POTUS role.

    Did you see her Katie Couric interview? Ouch!! Her answers almost made me feel sorry for her. After that disaster, even noted conservative columnists who were enthusiastic backers are now questioning the intelligence behind McCain's VP choice:

  2. Palin is under a media microscope -she is in a no win situation. It is truly amazing how well she has handled the negativity.

    Meanwhile good ol boy Biden gets a complete pass on his 7 gaffes in 60seconds during the debate on his supposedly strongest subject of foreign affairs. If Palin had uttered even one of those falsehoods, we would not have heard the end of it.

    This same type of pass was also given to GW Bush in the previous elections.

  3. Being under a media microscope is one thing, but not being able to answer legitimate questions is another. She bombs on her interviews because she fails to admit what she doesn't know and just tries to make something up...such as her attempt to defend the fact that she has foreign policy experience simply because AK is next to Russia.

    Her debate with Biden went better since she simply ignored the questions presented to her that she wasn't comfortable answering and instead decided to talk about her tax and energy policies. She did this for several questions. It's easy to not have gaffes when you just flat out ignore the questions presented to you.

    Honestly, if Obama or Biden answered questions like that, McCain would have this election in the bag with at least a double digit lead in the polls.

    The SNL skits with Tina Fey are funny because the caricature is closer to truth than fiction.

  4. I think the problem is disingenuous introduction.Just tell the truth. This is her experience and how about that community organizer? And, he is going for the top job!

    Could we admit they mishandled her assimilation into the campaign?

    What are the chances she will be in the top job before she can get that experience?