Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome speeds past clunky Internet Explorer

I switched my internet browser from IE7 to Google’s new Chrome, today.  And, I found Chrome  to be just like advertised: sleek and fast.  I have read some complaints that only the tech geeks will change to Chrome.  I don’t really consider myself a computer techie and I don’t usually try out new software on the first day of a release.  

My decision to give a new browser a try centered around a problem with utilizing the latest version of Macromedia Flash with IE7.  Initially I though it was a firewall or antivirus issue, or maybe an ActiveX script issue, but after much trial and error  – IE still would not play flash.  I am sure there is a way to correct that problem somewhere out there, but I don’t care to spend another minute trying to figure it out.  I was about to download Firefox, when I learned that Chrome was available.   

What’s cool about Chrome?

  • Speed – pages download much faster!
  • Less clutter on the header and the footer only appears when you hover over a link.
  • It has a bookmarks bar – you can drag your favorite site links right to the bar for easy access, similar to the home page icon.  For instance, I have my favorite weather site, sports team, netflix, etc., one click away all of the time.
  • It has tabs, similar to IE7, with the added feature that when you open a new tab, several of your recently visited sites appear as thumbnails.
  • And for those of you concerned about losing your bookmarks - all of my bookmarks transferred over from IE.

As for the nay-sayers, who think Chrome will flop, they may have discounted the strength of Google’s brand.  I would have never tried out a Microsoft product on the first day of release, yet I did not hesitate with Google.  And, of course the biggest factor – speed rules.  IE was getting so clunky and lethargic on my PC that I was considering upgrading the machine!  Instead, I switched to a new free browser, saved $1200 and left IE in the dust.


  1. I'm surprised you suffered with IE for so long. I switched to firefox shortly after it came out- it was a welcome change in more speed and less kluge.

    I just started using Crome today and so far I like it too.

  2. @Soullfire: I have been slow to change since I am forced to use IE7 on my work laptop and my work desktop.

  3. So, how did you get it? The download page just sends one back in an endless loop. Looks to me like the big roll out was a major snafu.

  4. Hi Kristen,

    I would be interested in your take of the Chrome browser now that you have it installed on your computer for two months now. Do you still use it occasionally for certain web pages that are difficult or don't load in IE7? Also I was wondering if you have tried Apple's Safari for Windows browser. I encountered problems doing some financial transactions on my bank's site with IE7 and Firefox - neither would work when I tried to view and save my monthly statement. Apple's Safari was the only one that worked for me. Thankfully that isn't the case any more but it came in handy for awhile. No amount of firewall tweaking or other 'adjustments' could make IE7 or Firefox work properly.


  5. @ Mark: I am still using Chrome - it's my default browser. I have not tried Safari, yet.

    I have several different financial sites that I visit such as banks, brokerages, bill payer sites, etc and Chrome works everywhere.

    The only problem I have encountered is at the Netflix site. It seems to block the popup movie descriptions. I have disabled my firewall and tried other tweaks but so far it is still preventing the popups.