Saturday, March 22, 2008

Springtime Money $aving Stories

My “big” savings for the week was at Home Depot. A local car dealer mailed a coupon flyer to me that included a $10 Home Depot Gift card with a purchase of $49.95. I took the opportunity to get ready for Spring and stock up on things like lawn fertilizer, garden mulch, seeds, pepper and tomato plants. At the checkout, it wasn’t clear how the Gift card was going to work, but no worry, the teen at the register didn’t even bother to read the coupon. He just shrugged and gave me $10 bucks off my purchase on the spot.

Perhaps the growing illiteracy problem reported by the local schools is not the concern I thought it was (sarcasm). Today, it appears this has worked to my advantage!

I also brought a sack lunch to work. Whoopee. This doesn’t register with me much since I think it’s worth $5-6 bucks for lunch to get out of the office for 45 minutes everyday and experience the outdoors, feel the weather, breathe fresh air, or at least see something other than cubicles and conference rooms. Anyway, I brought my lunch not so much to save money, but just so I could work through the lunch break and check out a little earlier to take advantage of the warm, sunny Spring day.

And finally, I washed my own truck. Of course, I always wash my own truck. Just like I always mow my own yard. And I plan to do these things until the day I croak – regardless of how much money I have or don’t have.

I don’t know what the going rate is for truck washes, but I can’t imagine spending $10-15 or more for something that I can do very easily and conveniently in my own driveway. Besides, it’s the principle of it all - you don’t really own something until you wash it and clean it yourself. That’s when the true costs (time and money) become evident, which ultimately serves as a great deterrent from collecting more things that would require maintenance and cleaning. If I paid someone else to do these things, I might be tempted to take on a lot more stuff and that is the last thing that I need or want.

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