Monday, January 5, 2009

Setting the Stage for a better 2009

Every year I set several goals that are typically related in some way to sports or athletic endeavors.  This year I have expanded that to include some other areas that need improvement.  Here are four of my goals:

#1 Goal 

More bonds in my portfolio!  I always have trouble adding bonds, it just seems to go against my grain.  For many years I have steered away from bonds and their boring returns with the argument that I was diversified in various equities, commodities and real estate.  That false sense of security worked for a long time.  It seemed that things balanced out because when one asset class was down another was booming.  That didn’t hold true for the bust of 2008 where equities across the board took steep losses with few exceptions.  The losses have gotten my attention and convinced me to reduce my overall risk.  I will not sell any assets, but will re-direct a large portion of new money into bonds. 

#2 Goal

Exceed my 2008 walking/hiking mileage.  Last year, I strolled along for just over 3 million steps or 1500 miles.  1.27 million of those steps were with my dog, Brownie Boy.  Dogs can be great motivators – how can anybody say no to a walk when the little guy is so excited about going?

#3 Goal

Read More.  I don’t care what the topic, just read.  I read twenty books last year ranging from personal finance to mysteries with romantic undercurrents.  I am giving myself free rein to read anything that interests me because reading something is better than not.

#4 Goal

Take off on an Adventure.  I want to live life with no regrets and one way to help make sure that happens is to do something every now and then that is frightening!  Okay, that may be a little over the top.  My aim is to do something that forces me to stretch in some way.  One of the possibilities for this year is a sea kayak trip, camping and fishing for 8 days along the coast.  

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