Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Blu-ray Disc player with TD Ameritrade Deposit

TD Ameritrade sent me another “exclusive” offer for a Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray Disc player in exchange for a deposit of $50,000 into my TD Ameritrade account. For another $50,000, I can get one year of 3 DVDs at a time from Netflix.  

While these items are some pretty nice gifts, it just isn't attractive enough to get me motivated to tie up 50Gs for one year in a brokerage account.   The Blu-ray can be purchased for $240 or less with a little internet searching.  

And even more disconcerting is the possibility of your account falling below the minimum, in which case TD charges your account for the disc player.

Evidently these give away offers are effective.  Last June, TD Ameritrade offered a free Nuvi for a deposit of 50 grand.  Either that or they are grasping at ways to encourage investors to get back in the game.

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