Friday, February 8, 2008

Scan checks from home for deposit to your online bank

No more excuses. This new feature may finally do it. I have been dragging my feet, but now this system may allow me to get rid of my “bricks and mortar” credit union for good. The news is that online banking service provider, CheckFree Corp., is rolling out technology called Remote Deposit Capture, for everyone. This technology has been around for years but it was limited to business use only.

You will need a scanner, a computer and an Internet connection. Logon to your home banking website, enter the amount of the check, scan both sides, and submit it to the bank. Banks will have the option to add their own fraud protection. And of course, normal processing times will apply.

The ability to remotely capture a check is expected to become part of the standard features and functions of online banking. CheckFree said the service is available starting this week for those who bank online, as long as their banks offer it. Supposedly, this technology is already in the top 150 banks.

According to a recent survey about 20 percent of banks had the technology or planned to get it, and another 20 percent were considering it. In addition, a large majority of 90 percent either use the technology with business clients or want to.

I will be actively looking for an online bank that will provide this service – right after I break down and get a new all-in-one scanner/printer. LOL


  1. Wow, that'll make things so much easier if I don't actually have to drive to the bank. Maybe they'll finally do something about their hours!