Sunday, November 25, 2007

My First Blog Posting

Hello World! I stumbled upon the PFblog community several months ago, never imagining that I would write a blog someday. I got motivated when I realized that most of the PFbloggers are just beginning their journey or making a turnaround with the focus on paying off debt. Saving money and paying down debt is the foundation for PF, but the really interesting and exciting part is the accumulation stage that enables you to enter the distribution/retirement stage. I am on the verge of reaching my goal of financial freedom having experienced over 20 years of some of the most volatile markets in history! While some things like sound value investing remain unchanged with time, other aspects of the PF world are continually changing and expanding. There is always something new to learn in PF. Many consider PF to be boring, but like anything, learning and managing one’s finances can be fun when you have success. Lots of fun.

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